Unit Testing of C-Code in Simulink® for ISO 26262 Compliance

Usability can make the difference between pleasure and frustration. What technology can make easy will get done easily. That’s one of the reasons why we provide the most usable model-based verification solutions for safety related applications on the market – easy to learn and easy to use.

EverTest® software is an easy to use verification framework for safety related applications, enabling function developers to leverage advantages of model-based verification. You can automatically integrate existing C-Code into Simulink, generate requirements-based test cases and perform the unit testing with full support of all required methods for ISO 26262 compliance.

EverTest® software enables test-driven development of dynamic systems with C-Code, MATLAB®, Simulink® and Stateflow®. It supports MIL, SIL and PIL verification with manually developed or automatically generated external code.

EverTest® software generates an easy to review verification report with a requirements matrix, the coverage analysis results, the boundary values analysis results, the test cases with all the data, the verification results and the interactive plots.

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Simple unit testing and reporting.

Evgeni Verbitski
Evgeni Verbitski

Evgeni Verbitski is an expert in model-based design and functional safety with extensive experience in the automotive industry. He leverages his...

Adrian Kipka
Adrian Kipka

Adrian Kipka received a Ph.D. in Satellite Geodesy from the Technical University of Darmstadt (TUD) in 2006. His primary interests are in...

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04. Juli


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