Decision Support with Advanced Testing

Product quality teams today are facing extraordinary challenges, and their importance is growing exponentially. With digitalization spreading like wildfire, product complexity in various industries is reaching a level never encountered before. Software maturity is becoming a key competence as Agile/DevOps strategies continue to accelerate the development lifecycle, forcing QA teams to spur and align their activities with the rest of the organization. In the meantime, safety-critical regulators are updating software standards and guidelines to focus on organizational and process excellence rather than a few "simple" compliance requirements on embedded software.

In this new environment, Quality Assurance teams are required to involve all stakeholders, achieve transparency in their activities, and support decisions by providing accurate and up-to-date quality information across the product development lifecycle.

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In this talk, Intland Software's expert will explore how advanced practices such as automated testing, intelligent reports, and thorough fact-based compliance information contribute to development success in an Agile era. During this talk, we'll analyze the information needs of various roles and stakeholders, and how what best practices an Agile QA teams can use to support decisions at all levels of the organization.

Andreas Pabinger
Andreas Pabinger

Mr Pabinger has over 25 years of senior management experience in the tech industry, with expertise around both software and hardware. Prior to...

45 Minuten Vortrag



03. Juli


Raum "London"


Testing / Traceability / Transparency


Embedded Testing




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